"   Throughout this site, you will find articles related to traditional wet-shaving as well as barber shops from yesterday. This will allow you to bring back a lost world that is starting to be rediscovered today... .

In Solingen Germany, where 600-800 compagnies once produced tens of millions of razors, today there a few serious manufacturers (i.e..Dovo, Böker and Wacker ). And by serious manufacture, we are talking about the forging and working of blades involving 100-120 stages!

Nonetheless an interest in this style of shaving has started to return over the last decade, above all in the United States, which buys up half of the European razor production! Suddenly, such razors have become rare, and certain examples have become difficult to come by on a regular basis.

The pleasure of straight-razor shaving is genuine, and it requires a little bit study and pratice. Patience, persistence, and relish for precision will guarantee your success, which seems such a challenge for every beginner! But afterwards, it becomes a ritual in front of the morning mirror, worlds away from the prior "boring duty" of shaving! Rather, it's to live and be awake, concentrating upon the sharpest tool there is!

Wishing you all many great moments and much enjoyment.

Ertan Suer      "




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