Before anything else, you need to make sure that your razor shaves well. A well-sharpened or "shave-ready" razor should easily sever the hairs of the forearm without pressure!

Skin preparation is factor that determines the comfort and efectiveness of the shave. Poor preparation will cause pain and difficult shave, with the hair not being severed due to is being too hard and dry. On the other hand, having absorbed water, the hair will be tender and can be severed with the least amount of resistance, or as William Hon's saying goes. " A good lather is half the shave"


Two rules to be observed:

First, it is preferable to shave in the morning, prior to eating, while the blood circulation is still feeble, and in order that the reaction of the nerves to the shave would be minimal.

Second, prior to having, and as mentioned above, proper skin preparation is crutial to guaranteeing success. To achieve this, wash your face well with hit water for 1-2 minutes in order to really soften your beard and provide for a smoother shave.

Holding the razor:

The razor is firmly held with a loose hand and a relaxed shoulder. This is important since the "stroke" requires dexterity during the movement.

In shaving the razor's blade is maintained at an approximate, 30 degree angle with the face.

Too low an angle with the face will not shave, and too high an angle will result in nicks!

One makes short, one inch long stokes in" moving down" the beard's whiskers, with the grain from the start; and once this has been done, one repeats the action, against the grain.

If the beard has not been properly shaved, it is caused by the following:

*Inadequate beard preparation

*Improper angle of the razor during the pass

*A hesitant hand, resulting in a  "poor razor stoke"

So retur to each of these points and train yourself.

Skin care:

After shaving, wash your face well with hot water and dry it with a soft towel. Next, pass an alum block over your beard, followed by an alcohol-based solution ( after-shave or cologne) and scented talc. Non alcohol based solutions can also be used followed by talc.

In this way, you will obtain an impeccable result and the closest shave possible!