1 - Straight Razors :

After shaving wipe with a soft cloth to avoid the edge. You can disinfect the blade with a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol 70 via the edge "gently" on this piece of cotton.

Let the razor dry air in a dry place (not the bathroom!) And out of the handle so wide open, all about 1 hour.

Oil the blade if you do not use it for several days or if you are in a wetland.

The oil used to be kind MINERAL vaseline, Ballistol, special knife (Victorinox) to outlaw all vegetable oils such as olive oil, sweet almond etc ... .


2 - Leather strop:


Little maintenance required. Occasionally apply a special leather grease to prevent it dries and cracks over time.

Order to clear the leather, we froterra with a pumice stone fine grain.


3-Badger brush or beard:


Rinsed always badger with lukewarm water after shaving to strip him of his mousse, it in a towel and put it serviettre to dry on the support head down.





Whetstones deform over time, you will have to applanir with sandpaper silicon carbide (water resistance) adhered to a flat surface (glass or wooden).

You can also clean them with another stone grain 4 times harder to restore their effectiveness.


  5 - Shaving Soap:


Avoids letting them dry in the open air because they tend to crack and crumble. They always keep in a bowl with lid! Most soaps can assure you 3-4 months of shaving!