According to the documents held by the magistrate's court of the then independent local authority of Wald, near Solingen, the company DOVO Steelware was founded in 1906.
At the beginning, DOVO was purely a factory producing open razors, with a forge and hollow grinding shop. The founders, Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos, employed 13 staff.

By 1930, Solingen had become bigger through the incorporation of outlying villages, (including Wald), and the law passed in 1938 to protect the name of Solingen gave it greater pride and security as well as a still greater sense of local identity.

As Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos wanted to retire, Fritz Bracht took over the DOVO company shortly before the second World War. A good move, as the small knight with sword and hammer had meanwhile made inroads into the markets in Western Europe and North America. Even during the war, the symbol of the knight managed to find its way abroad and to become established there. Because of the introduction of the electric razor, Fritz Bracht had to create a second source of income by producing hair scissors. By talking shop with users in the salons in his own town and elsewhere, he found out everything he needed and wanted to know about hair scissors. EUREKA, a model of hair and thinning scissors with a curved cutting edge, put life back into the business after the war.

In 1951, the young technician Mertens joined the company. Along with other "old hands", he was a motivating force behind the production of scissors. Ernst Kirschbaum, who had completed his law studies and obtained a doctorate, joined the company in 1953 as a son-in-law of the family. The need for recovery after years of ruin and the employment of additional young staff meant that business was able to increase in style. The motto was "New names for new markets".

The following brand names or companies were taken over:
1952 - brand name "Tennis" (open razors)
1957 - brand name "Bismarck" (open razors)
1957 - brand name "Ankerflagge" (open razors) from the Carl Rader company
1968 - Erich Hartkopf company. The scissors were jointed by pocket knives of the brand name "Teufelskerle"
1969 - brand name "Kronpunkt" (open razors) from the Heups company
1970 - brand name "Fontana" (open razors)
1973 - Heups & Hermes company (pedicure nippers and instruments)
1996 - Merkur company (shaving equipment) --> more information on Merkur products

Since the death of Dr. Ernst Kirschbaum, his son Markus Kirschbaum, who has a degree in commerce, runs the family concern in the third generation along with the long-time Managing Director Jürgen Stremmel.

2006 - 100 years of DOVO





THIERS-ISSARD was founded in 1884 by Pierre Thiers, born in 1860 and died in 1929. It was then an extraordinary reputation as a skilful blacksmith. Her pieces, mainly razors were of exceptional quality.

When he created his own company, he adds the name of his wife to avoid confusion with other families THIERS, they were numerous, we find three families THIERS particular in the Charter of 1582 which mentions all of master cutlers THIERS and its surroundings.

If Madame Pierre Thiers assured some time after the death of her husband, the continuity of production, it was soon assisted by his son, Pierre Thiers (1884-1962), then a few years later by Mr. Louis (1910-1985) and Pierre Thiers (1914-1997). Came the last successor, Philippe Thiers, who sold his factory in 1985 to Gilles REYNEWAETER, it continues the tradition of ancestral straight razor by remaking hunts as early XXV century, horn, ivory, whalebone, beef bones and any timber in the world. He added that the tortoise was reserved for the nobility and kings, and created damask blade razors carbon and develops a range of razors "unique pieces" on demand.


The paternal grandparents of Belgian origin, came to France in the war of 14 to work with their boss Belgian Gentlemen CHEVALERIAS factory cabinets, having exiled in the region THIERS because they had a good customer and AUVERGNE throughout France.

The father of Mr. REYNEWAETER has always worked in the cutlery. He founded his own Cutlery Company in 1948 with the help of his wife Anaïs REYNEWAETER.

A factory original cutlery is a trading assistant in 1960 as a wholesaler of household and kitchen utensils.

Mr. Gilles REYNEWAETER, after three years of study accounting was introduced to sales professionals by visiting door-to-door all professionals of mouth. He handles parallel since 1967 in the manufacture of household and professional cutlery.

The family decides REYNEWAETER-CHAMBAS in 1985 the acquisition of Thiers and load-ISSARD Mr. Gilles REYNEWAETER the new strategy and business development of the SNETI (NEW SOCIETY OF ETS-THIERS ISSARD).

Mr. Gilles REYNEWAETER resumed in 1992 and cutlery DROP Georges in 1995, making the beautiful Taillanderie PIGEAT.

Then, in 2001, he bought the family business PERARD DASSAUD-producing exclusively laguiole and derived under the brand "Authentic Laguiole".

In 2002, he bought the company Sauzedde RODDIER-making tools for electricians and trades occupations mouth.


1841 Lucien Boulay, cutler Celles / Durolle (63,250), created the brand "The Serpette the winemaker."

In addition to a traditional cutlery factory, the house was later Boulay specialist electricians knives.

1889 Foundation of the house Sauzedde Father and son company in Thiers cutlery

Mr. Mallaret 1902, Thiers cutlery manufacturer, created the brand "555 real Mallaret"

Note: In general, in the register of trademarks thiernoises, trademarks included a number followed by a name. The number 555 is vacant, Mr. Mallaret chose to represent as his signature on knife blades ...

In the 1900s: merger and Boulay House House House Mallaret Boulay-Mallaret

1915 Robin Claude, cutlery manufacturer in Bellevue (63300), bought the brand "555 Mallaret true."

Robin will house the trademark owner for a long time, including in the 60s by brothers Robin and Jean Pierre.

Foundation 1940 by The Society Gerasime Sauzedde Sauzedde-Roddier and Co. Bellevue (63300) (old house Sauzedde father
Robin and son home + Brothers)

Sauzedde Roddier is the specialist and professional knives and table knives and scissors for electricians.

Mr Sauzedde becomes the owner of the mark 555 Mallaret true.

In 1943 he created the brand "J Sauzedde guaranteed."

1958 Mr Sauzedde specializes in the manufacture of cutting urchins and creates brand "sea urchin".

1969 André Sauzedde succeeded his father and became manager of the LLC-Sauzedde Roddier, Bellevue (63300)

2002 Ms. Marie REYNEWAETER Company acquires Sauzedde-Roddier, which was transferred to Felet ZI DE - 63300 Thiers
(On the same site as Thiers Issard Sté).

The main activity of the company continues to be the manufacture of knives and scissors trades (electrical, gardening, DIY) and specific tools such as shears and cuts jeweler urchins).

2007 Creation of the 555 France (replacing the 555 mark real Mallaret)

Creation of a new range of knives businesses: Coutelec No. 1 handle thermogomme (bi-material handles + possibility the customer's colors).

Sauzedde Roddier bought the cutting pattern of zinc Welcome urchins and transforms all stainless steel

2010 Creation of a new range of knives businesses: stainless steel knife