Dovo-Solingen, Germany

Greatest razor maker, Dovo offers you a various panel of straight razor.

Dovo-Solingen, Germany 

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€ 89,95

DOVO SOLINGEN " Best Quality " 5/8 straight razor :   -carbon steel ( best swedish steel ) -full hollow ground blade -black plastic scales -comes with its plastic case   A good razor, cheap and usefull !

€ 169,00

DOVO SOLINGEN " Prima klang " 5/8 straight razor :   -carbon steel ( best swedish steel ) -extra full hollow ground blade " singing" - redwood scales -comes with its blue metal case   A good razor, cheap and usefull !

€ 159,95

New DOVO SOLINGEN straight razor "GENTLEMEN ": -carbon steel 5/8 - yew wood natural handle ''Gentlemen''appears on one side reference to english bow -full hollow ground razor   Comes with plastic case

€ 129,00

DOVO SPECIAL straight razor 5/8 : -full hollow ground blade -carbon steel -gold etche " DOVO SPECIAL " -rond point -comes in plastic case

€ 249,00

DOVO SOLINGEN Bergische Lowe razor 5/8, made in Germany. *full hollow ground blade *both sides satin polished *spanish point *metal box *factory edge

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€ 125,00

DOVO SOLINGEN " Prima Steel " art. 4580 on *full hollow ground 5/8 *both side satin polish *round point *ebony scales *metal box *factory edge  

€ 119,00

DOVO SOLINGEN stainless hairdresser razor art.42385 *wedge (not hollow) *3/8 *plastic scales *factory edge *plastic box

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€ 159,00

DOVO SOLINGEN barber razor knife "ENCINA" 6/8: *stainless steel *full hollow ground *both side satin polished *round point *spanish oak scales *blue metal box

€ 12,00

For you first shave with your new razor I prepare your blade for a smooth and clean shave !

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